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Le Château de Siaurac - monument historique - Saint-Emilion - Lalande Pomerol Restaurant gastronomique La Table de Siaurac - restaurant Saint-Emilion - Pomerol Visite Château Siaurac - Saint-Emilion - Salon Rouge Hôtel Saint-Emilion Bordeaux - Chambre de luxe Vray Croix de Gay Véronique et Paul Goldschmidt - Hôtel Château Siaurac - Bordeaux

A historic


A historic monument

Protected as a historic monument, Château Siaurac is one of the most beautiful domains in the Bordeaux region. Just next to an 18th century forest area, the Siaurac residence shows noble yet human proportions inspired by 17th century architects, Pierre Le Muet and François Mansart. Find the atmosphere of a true French family estate. Everywhere you turn your gaze; elegance meets the eye, a symbol of life ‘à la française’.

The host is an enthusiastic collector of art works and décor pieces, and he is more than pleased to share them with his guests at Siaurac, this gem of a château. His wife is a designer; she has set up her workshop here, where she creates unique couture jewellery directly inspired from château life, and in which each material comes alive and harmonises with the rest to perfection.

Each room is made of discoveries. On the ground floor, the dining room accommodate tremendous diner under the Murano’s chandelier whereas in the Salon Rouge take place more private diner.

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Siaurac - Pomerol, Saint Emilion, Néac