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Château Vray Croy De Gay 2009 - Pomerol - Vin - Bordeaux
Details for Château Vray Croy De Gay
The first wine
L'enchanteur de Vray Croy De Gay 2012 - Pomerol - Vin - Bordeaux
Details for de Vray Croy De Gay
The second wine
Château Vray Croix De Gay

Le grand vin : Chêateau Vray Croix de Gay

Production : 9 à 13 000 bouteilles

Origine : vignes de 50 ans en moyenne

Elevage : élevage de 16 mois en barriques de chêne français dont 40 à 50% de bois neuf

Garde : 20 à 30 ans

Parfait avec : cuisine raffinée et sensuelle, truffe, gibier, chocolat ...

Château Vray Croy De Gay

Le second vin : L'Enchanteur de Vray Croy De Gay

Production : 5 à 5 000 bouteilles

Origine : jeunes vignes sur sable et argile

Elevage : élevage de 12 mois en barriques de chêne français dont 15% de bois neuf

Note de dégustation : profond, soyeux, fruits noirs

Garde : 10 à 15 ans

Parfait avec : toutes les viandes

Château Vray Croix De Gay, Pomerol

« The most affordable of the great Pomerols. A wonderful match of Merlot and clay sub-soil. Complexity and diversity: notes of black and red berry fruit, with very original floral notes of violets, irises and the scent of truffle when young. Layers and layers of sensuality and roundness…taffeta. Great length. »

Two different wines are produced on the domain: the Great Wine, Château Vray Croix de Gay and the second wine, Enchanteur de VrayCroix de Gay.

Since 2015, the vineyard has begun its conversion to organic-growing and is managed bio-dynamically. The soils are managed according to the individual character of each plot and the weather conditions in each vintage. They are ploughed both in the inter-rows and under the vines, while green fertilisers are seeded and then destroyed in spring, or permanent cover crops are seeded.

Similarly, vine canopy work is adapted to plot zone, even to individual vines, with light de-leafing and de-compacting of bunches when necessary, in order to optimise grape ripening while preserving the freshness of the fruit.

The harvesting is done using small crates which enable the bunches to be kept perfectly intact during their transport to the cellars. Three sorting tables at the harvest reception area enable us to complete a final strict sorting following that already carried out in the vines.

The vinification is done in small temperature controlled stainless steel vats.

The extraction techniques are gentle and adapted to the raw material’s potential. The vatting period lasts between three weeks to a month.

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